About My Practice

I’m an experienced attorney and practicing emergency physician providing legal services related to the practice of medicine.
Looking for information about medicolegal issues? Review my blog to see some of the articles I’ve written on various medical and legal topics or check out the book chapter I wrote on EMTALA.
Need legal assistance? Contact me. I’d be happy to try to help you.

Practice Areas

Medical Employment Contract Review

I've reviewed more than 800 medical provider contracts in my career. I can help address nuances in medical employment contracts that many attorneys may not even recognize. I can also help resolve issues after a contract has been signed or if an agreement is going to be terminated. I can even tell you what employers to avoid.

Medical Record Review

I have substantial experience reviewing review medical records and can provide an independent evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of a potential malpractice case. I can also help to create themes in a case and lines of questioning for medical providers or experts. Have an issue with a bill for medical services? I can help resolve it.

State Medical Board Representation

I can help healthcare professionals navigate the complexities of medical licensing in Illinois. I've assisted medical providers who have had difficulty obtaining an Illinois license and I've represented Illinois licensees who have received threats of licensure action due to practice issues or patient complaints.

Educational Services

I have given presentations on medical-legal topics to medical schools, residency programs, hospital grand rounds, medical board review courses, bar associations, and state/national professional organizations. I can create a compelling presentation to help address issues that your organization may be facing.

Why Choose Me?

I'm a practicing physician as well as a practicing attorney.
I have a unique perspective on the legal issues many medical providers face.


Decades of experience as an attorney representing medical providers. I have served as a medical expert witness, a hospital department chair, the president of a state medical organization, and the chairman of a national medical legal committee. I use the insight from these experiences to help my clients.


I've written position papers on medicolegal topics for state and national medical organizations. I've written many book chapters and articles about medicine and the law. Several of the medical legal articles in my blog have high search engine rankings.


I don't charge clients for short phone calls or status updates during representation. I charge a flat fee for contract reviews up to 20 pages which includes a comprehensive written report and a follow up phone call to answer any questions for no additional charge.

What My Clients Say

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