Services: Medical Licensing Board Representation

Receiving a letter from the state medical board or a visit from a medical board investigator can be a scary experience.


Adverse actions taken by the Illinois State Medical Board can include:


  • Fine – a monetary fine may be imposed as a form of discipline or in addition to any other disciplinary action
  • Reprimand – an official public record of discipline
  • Probation – a licensee can continue practicing medicine subject to varying restrictions which often include progress reports made to the medical board. If the licensee violates the terms of probation, additional sanctions can be taken including medical license suspension or termination
  • Suspension – a licensee is prohibited for practicing medicine during the term of the suspension. Suspensions may impose additional requirements prior to reinstatement of licensure
  • Revocation – a licensee is prohibited from practicing medicine and must wait a minimum of 3 years to file a Petition for Restoration
  • Refuse to Renew – licensees may continue to practice under their current license, but when the license expires (usually every 3 years) the license cannot be renewed.

Most adverse actions taken by state medical boards result in reports to the National Practitioner Databank and may affect a physician’s ability to be hired or insured.


I have represented many physicians in front of the Illinois State Medical Board. Some issues can be resolved with a few brief e-mails. More serious matters may require an administrative hearing. If you’ve received a notice from the IDFPR, please contact me and I’ll be happy to discuss your options with you.

Have you received a Notice from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation like the one below? 

Action may be taken against your license if you don’t respond.

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